becoming one of those people I hate that are obsessed with their dog....
 My dad was actually upset that we bought/ forced Phinnie to wear this Santa Suit.


Santa Barbara

A bunch of Santa Clara friends and I met in Santa Barbara to watch UNC play in the college soccer cup.  So cool to be there for this! 

I convinced everyone to go to the beach because it was 77 degrees. I tried to participate in this football game for about 5 minutes; I dont think the boys were sad to see me quit...

Pierce drove me all the way back to LA in time for my flight. Thank youuuuu


Seasons of LOVE

My family loves this song from the musical RENT. Reminds me of Christmas too :)

image from WeHeartIt



Love going home. Here are a few pictures from my trip home for Thanksgiving...

Pregamed at Tim's apartment, there is nothing better than highschool friends...poor Andrew :(

Snow on Thanksgiving Day!

Bobbin and Shelley made it!!! The best part of being home!

 Louie and Phinneus

 Louis and I went ice-skating. We left after 30 minutes and got pretzels and popcorn from the concession stand because 'his back hurt."

 Maddi, Mikey, Marge, Bu

Phinnie got caught in a mouse trap...

Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros