Country Strong

Love the soundtrack to Country Strong (saw it tonight with Case). Happy to have new country music on my playlist! Here's a clip from the movie...


The End of Eppie31

I recently tried to log-in to "i-chat" to video chat with Meg and was informed that my AIM screenname that i've had since I was eleven years old has been permanently suspended due to a virus that was apparently sending inappropriate e-mails to my entire inbox. Feeling nostalgic and bummed out about this!


Happy New Year!!!!!!!

As I'm wrapping up my first day of the new year and last day in Saint Louis until god only knows when, I can't help but feel so LUCKY for how amazing my trip home has been. Marge, Maddi, and I drove up to Chicago yesterday to spend New Years Eve with Meg who couldn't make it home for the holidays. After four bottles of champagne, a stop at RT's house and a midnight toast with Meg's college friends at Rockit in Wrigleyville, we ordered a pizza and were home by one. Is it sad that a New Years ending at one o'clock was my favorite ever?

STL Pic at RT's Apartment

New Years Resolutions
1. Train for another half marathon
2. Start going to church again
3. Learn to sail and cook
4. Stop saying the word "fuck" (unless absolutely necessary)

Marisa even stopped by this morning and I got to make a quick stop and see Sarah's new apartment (miss you) and see Amy, Casi, and Steph before spending 5 hours in the car with Greg (@GregMantych) and the girls playing 20 questions. A wonderful New Years Eve with all my beautiful friends, I'm so glad I got to spend it with so many people. Although, I think tomorrow is going to be slightly heartbreaking leaving my Saint Louis loves when I head back to SF (counting down the days til the first week of March). Happy New Year everyone - I have a really good feeling about this year!!!

P.S. I forgot to mention my favorite part about Chicago. When we got home, Meg laced up her sneakers while still wearing her dress and sprinted out the door of her apartment. Thankfully she left a trail of potato chips that led to the elevator where we found her, in a black mini dress and nike running shoes.