Love these Dogeared necklaces. So many to choose from with the cutest poems. My two favorite are...

 "What goes around, comes around . . .  wear your necklace as a reminder to keep the circle, positive, peaceful, and loving"
"Peaceful white is the color of truth and light. It symbolizes new beginnings, and inspires kindness in thought and action"


Shabby Chic

Loving everything Shabby Chic...

(from www.shabbychic.com and Rachel Ashwell's blog)

Puppy Love

My parent's proved themselves officially crazy and let us get this puppy yesterday. We are in love.

"Be a Best friend,
 tell the truth,
 and overuse I Love You"

-Love Like Crazy, Lee Brice


Kings of Leon

Ever since I saw Kings of Leon in San Francisco, I have been in love with this band. Knowing this, Greg invited me to the concert with AMAZING seats in Saint Louis last night. Three songs in, a pigeon defecated on the bassist's face... at which point he ran off stage and refused to continue the show due to 'unsanitary safety issues.' Kings of Leon , you are so much less cool than I thought you were.


Here's one of the three songs they did play, and it was awesome. (Start at the 30 second mark)

also. Greg started a "refund" chant and it ended up on the RiverFrontTimes.com and perezhilton.com (see link below). Overall I think the night was a success.



PIERCE is visiting. Jeff and I's first visitor from the bayyyy and we could not be more excited. Pierce has been promising a visit to STL approximately twice a year for about four years now. BUT his itinerary arrived in my inbox last night and while I can not be more shocked, I'm beyond ecstatic. Anyways, the point of this post, Jeff and I want to show him around Saint Louis and do all the dorky tourist things. Whose got ideas? The Arch and the Brewery is pretty much the extent of what we have so far...

Movies, Movies, Movies

Really excited about these new movies coming out. . .


I saw these trailers while seeing Inception the other night with Marge and Jeff. In regards to Inception, I appreciated it, but does anyone else think its a little over-hyped? Honestly I was pretty confused for most of it. There's no way the average American can keep up with that plot line...



When my mom came home from the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale with a new pair of running shoes for me, I sensed that maybe I wasn’t the only one picking up on the lull in my former running routine. After running the San Jose 1/2 Marathon in October (and finishing hand in hand with Sarah and Steph), I told myself I’d never get out of running shape again because there is no better feeling than that! However, after taking a week off for Spring Break in March and starting off my last spring quarter at Santa Clara, my Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights took precedent over my formerly disciplined running schedule.

Taking a hint from my mom, and motivation from my neighbor and best friend Marge whose zipping around the neighborhood and around town on daily high mileage runs sent me on a giant guilt trip, I laced up my sneaks and prayed to God to pull me through my first three miler in months. Naturally it was steamy hot for the first mile, took a typical St. Louis weather turn for the worst by mile two, and finished with a torrential downpour and lightening strikes; but I finally finished. While I spent the majority of the run debating whether my sports bra was too tight or if my heart was really beating that hard—it was a great feeling. Of course I nostalgically look back to six months ago when a 5-6 mile run was an easy day, but I’m easing back into it- run number one complete!


Life As We Know It

Contrary to what Rotten Tomatoes says, the movie Grown-Ups is hysterically funny. Marge, Maddi, Meg and I went and saw it tonight and were definitely not disappointed. Still, the highlight of my evening was watching Maddi's attempt to be tough and tell the two 12-year-olds in front of us to stop talking...and then consequently watch them completely ignore her. Haha, a valiant attempt.

The 2nd highlight of my night was this trailer. Check it out.

Life As We Know It Trailer

How to Make 3 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

How to Make 3 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake | eHow.com

I can't really take credit for this GEM because I found it while stumbling on Stumbleupon.com. This is the best/worst discovery I've ever made.

P.S. To Luisa Rapport: you can blame this recipe for the reason you have no Hershey's Cocoa in your house anymore and also for your 3 year old's recent chocolate addiction. Every time I arrived at your house in the past months, Samantha has come running up to me "CAIT CAN WE MAKE THAT CHOCOLATE CAKE IN A CUP TODAY???" haha. sorry.


Summer Reads

I’ve always loved books but since college have had a hard time sitting down and reading the ones I like. SO, this summer I made myself a summer book list that I want to finish by the end of August. If anyone wants to join me, I’d love it! Or if anyone has any suggestions, send them my way,

Here's my list....

Beach Music by Pat Conroy
Sounds cheesy but is actually so good. I’m about halfway through and so addicted. I’m also in desperate need of a trip to Rome after this.

Generation Me by Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D.
My friend Jeff recommended this one. The description on the cover is, “Why Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled—and More Miserable Than Ever Before.” Sounds morbid but is actually cool- its changing the way I think about everything a little bit.

Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
This seems to be everybody's favorite so I'm forcing myself to read it...

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
Another one I've been wanting to read for forever. Plus its a murder mystery which are my favorite.

Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin
She is one of the best authors of 'chick flick' books and this is her newest one that just came out. If you haven't read Something Borrowed and Something Blue, you should.

To the Boardwalk...

I miss each one of you crazy chicks so very much. Growing up in a house of eight, I didn’t think there could be a place more chaotic but somehow we created it, first in that cute house in Maples and later in that shack on Poplar.
So roughly a month after we’ve moved out,

What I Miss So Far:

- Loops around Santa Clara in the Glee Mobile
-Laying out in Compton
- Requesting, usually not in a nice way, for you guys to do your dishes
-Angel refusing to be Casi’s friend
-7/11 (particularly those 500 calorie Tollhouse Ice Cream Sandwiches)
- The vile pink tiled bathroom, particularly AFTER the peeper cut a hole in the window screen
- Birds and the Bees/ Date and a Fifth/ Every other date event we created to make sure the boys we liked would hang out with us
- Amy leaving every night to run errands at midnight
- Gill’s iron deficiency
-Casi wearing a bib before we go out because of the 100% possibility she will spill
- Steph’s “surprises” for the house, usually chocolate and Safeway popcorn for me
- Siobhan being a member of the Boardwalk even though she pays rent elsewhere
- Managing Sarah’s Groupwise because she is incapable of writing or opening emails from any professor/ possible employer/ sometimes her parents
-Communal Closets
-Weekly dinner at the Rapports
- Lizzy
- The Cheese Thief
- Having an undercover cop parked outside to protect us from the peeper

haha, im laughing to myself writing this post. We have SO many more and SO many more memories to make. Miss that crazy mess. Love you girls.

Is this how this whole blog thing works?

So I’m new to this whole “blogging” phenomenon but trying to keep up with the trend so here it goes. I spent a good hour thinking of a name, which Casi quickly informed me sounds like “smash poetry,” but I had already created the URL so “LoveBeats” it is. I’m going to avoid creating a theme and make this a big collection of randomness. Hope you all like it. And by you all, I mean the very few who I will allow to read it, those of you who already know I’m relatively corny, often emotional, rarely cool, and never creative. This should provide some entertainment for you :) (won’t be short of emoticons either).