Steph and I went exploring...
Lyon Street Steps

Beach :)

Sunset in the Marina

Chocolate Brownie Pie Steph and I made yesterday

Views from Twin Peaks!


Going through my iPhone, I stumbled across these pictures which made me happy.

Here is a picture of my entire Dad's side of the family...
My Puppy Phinnie dressed in a Santa Suit
Skype date with my brother Louie (we wanted Annie to join but she was already snoozin)
Maggie's 21st Bday party while I was in STL

Light of my Life (Samantha Rapport)
My hilarious Mom sitting by her idol (a statue of I Love Lucy)
Valentine's Day Dinner Date with Casi, Steph and Kristina
The cake...

Old instagrammed pic of me and Brycey
The most beautiful city in the world :)

Parents Visit

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately!! My mom and dad came for a visit which was amazing. Outside of the shopping, here are the pictures of what we did! Miss them already...
 Spent Friday Afternoon at the SF MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)

 Drove to the Land's End Trail on the opposite side of the GG Bridge where I live and went on a hike with my Mom

Last night having Mom and Dad in town!